Real Estate Staging with Style & Affordability

This is a great article by Margot Guralnick.
I recently opened a staging branch of Kat Lubienski Real Estate Group called BIB + TUCKER. My focus is providing the right staging for your home. By that I mean staging that suits the style of the home, the neighbourhood and the people coming through looking to buy. 
Key to putting your home on the market is to attract the RIGHT buyer. Its no different than marketers targeting buyers when selling cosmetics or cars. Your home is a BRAND. 
I love these two quotes about the featured staging company:
“striking that rare balance between aspirational and real: Rather than creating the familiar soulless showcases, the Hoveys are all about spirited livability”
“When getting your home ready to sell, you want your place to have a strong point of view without any polarizing personality,” says Porter Hovey. 
Heres the article in full. Take a read! Reach out if you have any questions about your home – staging or selling or both!

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